Can we please SHUT THE HELL UP…

… about who Elena Kagan may or may not like to bone?! What difference does it make? And who cares that she was never a judge? Bill Rehnquist was never a judge, either, and he was quite the conservative darling (until relatively late in his career on the Court).

Even if Elena Kagan is gay (and who really knows, it’s her personal life), why would that be a bad thing? Why should it matter one way or the other? Do people think there’s some vast gay conspiracy to get one of Them on the Supreme Court? How would you like it if someone asked you who you preferred to have sex with in order to get a job? (This is not illegal under federal law right now, by the way, in the absence of ENDA.)

There was a time when people were ashamed of being ignorant. Now there are corners of this country where people wear their ignorance as a mark of pride.

If you’re going to criticize Elena Kagan, criticize her for the fact that she’s one more New Yorker on a Court already full of New Yorkers (Scalia was born in New Jersey but grew up in Queens, Sotomayor’s from the Bronx, Ginsburg is from Brooklyn). Expect the next nominee to come from Staten Island.