Ah, sometimes school is just so great.  Seriously, I know you all think I’m certifiable now, but today was just truly lovely.

I love my Chinese law class.  Actually today was the last substantive class, and I remember how at the beginning of the quarter I was totally bitching about how the course was cross-listed and there were all these non-law students in it… It’s funny because now I realize it’s the best class I’ve taken at law school probably because of all the non-law students.

The class today reminded me so much of my MA experience.  In my MA class there were only 15 of us, and we were all pretty close, so class time was often derailed by goofy, nerdy joking/arguing/yelling/laughing that was totally on topic with the class and yet completely out of control of the professor.  It was informal and really useful and a lot of fun – a community of people who were genuinely enjoying the experience of learning, to the extent that they were happy sitting in a room for three hours and joking about it.

That’s basically what happened today.  I’d say the professor had control for the first half of the class, but then the perfect storm of the end of the quarter + sunny weather totally derailed us, and we were somehow more casual, more friendly, and more vehement.  By the time class ended we were yelling at each other and laughing and having fun talking about Chinese law.  All the while the professor (a law school prof) was giddy and laughing to see all of us so engaged.  Actually he cracked up at a few points.  So great.

Again I’ll reiterate that I do love law school, but you don’t see this stuff happening (at least I didn’t) in a 1L Contracts class full of people who want to do non-contract-related law, or whatever class it is that you’re in 1L year.

We law students focus so much on just getting through the immense suffering of the process of law school that it was infinitely uplifting to experience a class of students who were, in the moment, happy.  Today’s class was a sweet reminder of why I’m still in school – of why I’m here.  It was perfect… and just what I needed right now.