A Few of My Favorite “It Gets Better” Videos

I’ve been completely amazed with the It Gets Better Project.  The sheer volume of videos alone is astounding, and then when I consider the diversity of class, race, ethnicity, language, ability status, gender/expression, (non)religion, it just completely blows my mind.  It’s one of the few things that gets through my barrier of cynicism and restores a bit of faith in humanity.

Since I don’t have a video of my own (for technical reasons, see previous post), I wanted to aggregate a few of my favorites.  I haven’t seen even close to all of them, but the ones I’ve collected stood out to me as particularly moving, or powerful, or just beautiful.


First, my good friend Kristel made a really awesome video, and I was blown away when I watched it, because parts of her experience echo my own.  I am so impressed by the folks who are brave enough to share their own struggles with complete strangers.

This video of the Los Angeles Gay Men’s Chorus singing True Colors made me cry like a 5 year old girl.

In this one, the students of Gallaudet University share their experience of oppression, and message of hope even in times of struggle.

I really enjoy this video from the folks at Google.

Most Adorable Video award, in my opinion, goes to Law and Order: SVU star (and one of my most favoritest gay men ever), BD Wong.

And finally, the kids in the NYC Pride Chorus put it way better than I ever could 🙂


Feel free to share your favorites in comments 🙂