Quick Press: Late Comment on the Gulf Coast Disaster

This post, by Amanda over at Pandagon, reminded me that whenever I think about the fact that really, things never will be the same after this disaster, I am close to tears.

I grew up in Alabama, so I have fond memories of fishing trips to the Gulf with my dad when I was growing up. Things at my house weren’t always peaceful and happy (actually, they usually were much the opposite), and I remember the escapes I would take with my dad. Many of the few happy memories I have as a child were from those trips. I was first struck by ocean beauty, I first fell in love with boating, sailing, and the water during my trips to the Gulf.

I remember how wonderful it was, how beautiful. And now, in an instant, it’s gone – no other little girls after this will have fond memories of fishing trips there with their fathers, no one else will get to see it’s beauty, in one or two generations no one will even remember it like it was.

How easily humankind destroys the things around us, like small children breaking toys… we are so thoughtless and casually cruel. This is a disaster as well as a disgrace, and it is the type of shame that should stay with us for generations but I fear that as a species we lack the self-awareness necessary to be appropriately ashamed of ourselves.