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Wm! and Alx! have finished packing and are currently enjoying that new blog smell over at The Permanent Home of T & E.  The new site took the better part of Alx!’s day to set up, but we’re finally done kicking the tires and are ready to open our doors.


All the content from this blog is over there now, and this message will stay up for one week and then this iteration of the blog will be deleted.  Hope you like our new place as much as we do!



– Your Intrepid Editors, Wm! and Alx!


Just a Quick Point…

On commenting: It’s awesome, even when you’re disagreeing with us… but please don’t leave anonymous comments. We’re pretty open with who we are, it’d be nice to get the same from you.

Anonymous comments, along with spam comments and abusive comments, will not be approved.

Oh… and hello!

Hi Everyone!

I realized we had no introductory post… what an oversight!

Welcome to Trial and Error.  Where we eat Gummy Bears for Breakfast.  See what I did there?  Ha, ha, guys, so funny.

We are two law students, Alex the Valiant and whatever his name is right now, who have discovered that our friendship might be the only thing keeping us sane through the torture that is law school… thus the phrase “bffls” – “best friends forever in law school,” but you can pronounce it “buffalos.”

In this blog, we hope to share funny stories, good advice, bad advice, snark, and musings of the personal and political variety… we can also provide a 94% guarantee that at some point there will be cat pics.  Yes, we promise, cat pictures.  See?  How bad can it be?