Welcome Back to the Schoolyear

Hi everyone!  Now that the long summer break is over and we’re all back to the routine of school,  I am excited to get T&E up and running again.  I’ve got a few posts stored in my brain that I hope to roll out over the next couple of days, and I am happily taking suggestions for things you’d like to read about!  My original hope for this blog was to illuminate readers on all sorts of things, from stuff I find funny on the internet to living with learning difference to the day to day life of a law student, so anything you’d like to see here just let me or my esteemed associate know.

I can’t believe Wm! and I are 3Ls now – the past 2 years flew by so fast it feels like yesterday I was ditching law school orientation for cigarette breaks and coffee.

The time went by so fast, in fact, that I can barely wrap my mind around it except to mark the time in milestones, to convince myself that time has passed at all… luckily for me, a lot of important things have happened since I started my 1L year.  Let’s see if I can come up with a complete list:

Since the first day of 1L year, I have:

  • Gotten engaged to my beautiful & amazing partner
  • Taken on de facto guardianship of my younger brother (he’s 20)
  • Shaken off the chains of an evil, vindictive landlord and moved out of Seattle and into the northern suburbs
  • Worked 2 summers in prosecutor’s offices
  • Worked 2 quarters at a public defender office
  • Turned 25, and then 26
  • Gotten a puppy who is now over a year old

And I know there’s more.

So whether you’re starting 1L all fresh and new, or heading into 3L year kicking and screaming – welcome back all!  And to all of you the best of luck!


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