Trial and Error Visits LA: Day 2

It’s funny how the things that I would ordinarily hate about living in LA (well, in the LA suburbs) actually seem quaint and somewhat charming right now. The way people over-accelerate and brake late, the way it’s too damn warm, the way that even NPR treats LA like it’s the center of the universe, it’s all “cute” in a way that would be very very annoying if I actually lived here.

It keep reminding myself that I’m just a visitor here. An outsider. If I were trying to identify with this place, I would be very disappointed and angry and bitter (well, more bitter than usual) that they weren’t changing to fit with my values and my worldview. Instead, I can take on the anthropologist’s mindset, accept that LA is the way that it is (and there’s nothing I can or should do to change it), appreciate its virtues and ignore its vices, and await the day when I return to green, rainy, beautiful, passive-aggressive Seattle.

Didn’t do very much today. I got up and checked my bank balance — moving is expensive, as it turns out. I sent an e-mail to my recruitment person to check on when I get paid, but if it’s when I think it is, it should be OK. I did a test run to work — I have at least three options for taking pub-trans to work, and my choice will depend on what my work schedule actually is (as opposed to what the employee manual says my tour of duty is, which includes none of the overtime I’m expecting/hoping for). None of them are cheap, of course — fortunately, the government is picking up my transit costs.

Still haven’t met with my housemates on getting wifi at the house — hopefully they’ll be home when I get back from this Starbucks.


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