Quick Hit: More Proof Nature is F*cking with Us

h/t my friend Mel…

This thing:

Look at it.  Just look at it.

Isn’t it stupid looking???  In that, oh shit it might kill me, kind of way?

And in addition to the stupid lookingness of it… it is apparently known as a HORNY LIZARD.

A HORNY LIZARD, my friends.  There you have it.



3 Comments on “Quick Hit: More Proof Nature is F*cking with Us”

  1. Ramona says:

    So here’s the deal – It’s not a horny lizard, it’s a Horned Lizard. That however is the extent of my asshole corrections. Instead I will now offer you awesome information so that you can continue being astounded but the world’s idiocy.

    The horned lizard is Texas’ state Reptile. (you may be amazed both by the fact that it is the state reptile and by the fact that we HAVE a state reptile). It is also the MASCOT for Texas Christian University. How’s that for fun quirks – texas CHRISTIAN has a HORNY lizard mascot. God I hate how much I love my state.

  2. Dude. When I was a kid these things were ALL OVER THE PLACE. We used to catch them in the alley and play with them. Some of them spit blood!! BLOOD!! Anyway, now they’re almost like extinct or something. But so cute! How could anybody not love a face like that?!

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