Alex Recommends: The Blow

I’m a huge fan of indie pop, so today I recommend this album – Paper Television by The Blow. I wanted you to know, this woman, I think she’s amazing. My favorite ladyblogger in the world recommended this album, and I followed, and I am blown away. I imagine that this music is what you would listen to if you were writing love songs to the universe. ❤

Cool, electro, feminist, synthpop from indie performance artist Khaela Maricich. Here are some videos for your sampling before you buy/illegally download.*


*I can't stop you, but especially with indie artists, I really wish you'd splurge on the $0.99 and get a song. I recommend services like Rhapsody and Amazon who have no DRM or at least far less draconian DRM systems than Apple. 🙂


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